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Signature vs Behavior Malware detection

Signature-based malware detection is used to identify known malware. This is fast because it can rapidly identify known malware, it is relatively simple and will run in a minimal endpoint environment and protect from older or active threats. The issue with this is that signature-based will not help detect a new version of malicious code that is added to the internet daily. This technology will solely depend on the digital signature of the malware, looking for the hash, and it will not function with full capabilities when introduced with polymorphic malware or zero-day attack. Behavior-based malware detects based on its intended action before it can execute that behavior. It helps protect against new or unimagined types of malware attacks, detect an individual instance of malware target at a person or organization, identifying that the malware does in a specific environment when files are opened, and obtain comprehensive information about the malware. The issue with behavior-based is that not all the technology is created equally, sometimes it might detect an actual action as malicious creating false positive. 

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