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Issues associated with Biometrics in Multi-Factor Identification and Authentication

Biometric Authentication does make verification very easy and fast, but there is an emerging threat from biometric technology. Biometric isn't secure enough, the new version of biometric authentication is being used more for convenience factor for the users to bypass the usual password then actual security.  Apple TouchID and Samsung's biometric sensors are constantly getting hacked. A famous case from Germany where a hacker hacked the VeriFinger of the German Minister of Defense. There was also a massive security flaw in the biometric systems used by UK banks, police, and defense companies that exposes the fingerprint password, facial recognition information, and other personal data. The truth about biometric authentication it's useful for fast access of data and information but if you want to keep your data secure, having a pin and password is better. There are many cases, even with the newest TouchID from Apple there are cases where siblings could open each other phones, or having a photo in front of the camera would unlock the phone, and a simple stick with clear tape you can unlock Samsung biometric. A password is inherently private, but biometric like face and finger unlock can be stolen or replicated. The other issue with biometric is for a day-to-day use for office it is very expensive. In the future, where is a very big possibility where a big company gets hacked and all the biometric information is stolen and sold. 


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