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Electronic voting and an open security research problem

J. Alex Halderman 2018 showed how easy it was for him to hack an electronic voting machine( AccuVote TS-V), which is still being used in 18 states. which he brought into MIT technology review. He shows that without even touching the matching, he hacks the voting machine by programming a removable storage device which he fell before even polls opened. The issue here is that this is just a simple attack he uses having access to the machine by attacking the admins who are in charge of the device. We have to understand that anything that can be hacked will be hacked. A newer machine does everything online through their system, which has encryption to protect it. Still, with more recent technology like quantum computing, even that can decrease its integrity. Not just that, the attacker can use the same card that can help them vote multiple times, and most of these systems were using old windows OS, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Unless we go back to paper voting or auditing every vote that has been made, it won't be easy to ensure the voting machines haven't been hacked.

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